"Rivers' cultivated visual sense is all his own..."

-Rich Kriener


"Orginially a single, self-contained issue that was submitted to the Xeric Foundation, I opted to do 5 more issues after winning the grant. What was a 3-month dip of the toe, became a year and a half plung into the deep end of comic self-publishing. Handling the writing, drawing, pre-pressing and coordinating the distribution was one of the hardest things I've ever done. The quality of the work is sadly uneven in my opinion, but at least some of the panels exhibit some nice drawing.


Issue # 1

In Indian Territory, Fort Smith Sheriff Johnston loses his deputies to an unseen force unleased after a murderous rampage.

Issue # 2


Johnston meets Fred's Niece, who has a dangerous suitor: Cottonmouth Jones.

Issue # 3

"White Crane & Buffalo"

A dangerous outlaw and 2 new deputies join the fray.

Issue #4

"Riders On The Storm"

Coming on the heels of a nasty storm, The Three have a message for Sheriff Johnston.

Issue #5

"Born In Ashes"

Johnston's son follows the lawman as he finds himself in between outlaws and a posse.

Issue # 6

"Dead Sons"

Alliances tested, and fates are decided on the lonely farm of Panther's family.


B-Sides & Guest Pin-ups

Issue 1

Issue 2